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Front Cover scanned cropped smallOrogeny: Volume 2

The second collection of poems by the Rock Canyon Poets.

“In these pages you’ll find starlings and stars, red rocks and coffee shops, turntables and wishing wells, burritos and razorbacks and reruns of The Sound of Music. In short you’ll find poets dreaming their way onto the page. By dreaming, I mean closing their eyes to see better, opening them to grab up any details they missed. Transformation is their state flower. ‘What if?’ their state song.” –Lance Larsen, Poet Laureate of Utah


inspired-screen-shot-captureInspired: November 2016

Memories are the stuff from which lives are sewn, attached to us like buttons and grade school friendships, like seasons of joy, sadness, loss, and love. In our second year of the Inspired workshops, we aimed to bring a community together, to memorialize the turns in our lives—those moments that become components of us in ways that nearly seem tangible—the flavor of Dr. Pepper, pigments of the sky, textures of childhood, shadows of our elders, and regrets that haunt. These poems are more than language or printed paper. These poems are pieces of ourselves; and poems don’t forget.


inspired coverInspired: November 2015

The poems in our first annual issue of Inspired produce a rocking rhythm, a current of oxygen to the ventricles and brain—a life force of language that is ours, local, and important. We set out to pull poets from our community and to bring together their familiar voices affected by words they know and adore. We succeeded.



Orogeny Cover June 2015Orogeny: Volume 1

The first collection of 28 poems published by the Rock Canyon Poets.








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