Poetry Reading Featuring Award-winning Poet: Meg Day

This event is not to be missed! We are very fortunate to feature Meg Day just before she leaves Utah at Pioneer Book in Provo on Tuesday, May 12, 2015.

Meg’s poetry has provided her with several notable awards. Most recently, she is the 2015-2016 recipient of the Amy Lowell Poetry Traveling Scholarship. Past recipients include May Swenson and Elizabeth Bishop, among other amazing poets. As part of the scholarship, Meg will be traveling outside of North America for a year to continue her research and writing. Read complete article…

To read more about Meg, and purchase her full-length book of poems Last Psalm at Sea Level visit her web site at www.megday.com.

You can read a sample of Meg’s poems online here: Vinyl Poetry, Volume 10, July 2014.

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Meg Day Flyer


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