KRCL 90.9 FM – Utah Call for Poetic Distraction, DEADLINE: Oct. 5, 2020 @ 5pm

In a bit of counter-programming to the Vice Presidential Debate to be held in Utah, KRCL’s RadioACTive issues a call for “poetic distractions” for its show on Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020. Poets and essayists are invited to submit audio of two to three short pieces distracting from or reflecting upon current events.
  • How to record: Use your smartphone’s voice memo app or another digital recording device. Start by introducing yourself by name and a short bio. Then give us some context on the pieces before and/or after you share them. You’re welcome to record each piece individually and send them in.
  • What’s a voice memo? An easy way to record audio using the built-in voice memo app on your smartphone. Be sure to check the audio settings on your phone and app before recording. For the iPhone, set it to lossless. For Android phones, use the highest quality available. Either wav or mp3 files work, as long as it results in 44100 hz, 16-bit, mono or better. NOTE: Try a few practice recordings to determine the best placement of the phone’s microphone in relation to your mouth — usually a 45-degree angle and two inches away is best.
  • How to submit: Upload your audio into the cloud (Google Drive, for example), then send the download link to by 5:00 p.m. (Mountain Time) Monday, Oct. 5. Please include a photo of yourself and any website/social media information for you or your work.

Tune in on KRCL RadioActive for new Poetry STILL Happens mini-features, played throughout the month and featured on their web site and Facebook, as well as the Rock Canyon Poets web site and Facebook. Follow both to make sure not to miss a thing! The new features will include announcements and a reading from a Utah poet. Watch for a submission call to read your poems for Poetry STILL Happens, coming in October.

If you have an event or announcement related to poetry in Utah, please contact us here and we will include it in a future post.


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