Dove Song: Heavenly Mother in Mormon Poetry reading – Monday, July 23, 2018 @ 6:30pm

Rock Canyon Poets and Pioneer Book are pleased to present a poetry reading featuring Dove Song: Heavenly Mother in Mormon Poetry! Contributing poets will be reading their poems from the collection. The event begins at 6:30pm and runs until 8:00pm.

Dove Song is an anthology of poetry and art centered on the Mormon concept of Heavenly Mother edited by Tyler Chadwick, Dayna Patterson, and Martin Pulido. It includes 138 poems from almost 80 poets from the early church to the late 20th century to today. It was released by Peculiar Pages in April 2018.

“This anthology is a shattering summary of poetic revelation, feminist theology, and Mormon history about our Mother God. Over seventy poets speak across time from 1844-2017, describing their visions and yearnings for the divine feminine, like soul mates through the veil. They begin in 1844 with W.W. Phelps, Eliza R. Snow, and Lula Greene Richards in 1899, then disappear from the fin de siècle to the 1970s when Carol Lynn Pearson and Linda Sillitoe sing our Mother back. Like holy scribes, these poets persist, wondering and writing in the wilderness, seeking a promised land where God is home.” —Maxine Hanks

Dove Song is unique in the canon of Mormon literature. And uniquely important. Not only is it a work of fine art, a carefully arranged series of poems that the poets have used their finest skill and training to create, but it is a work of history, a work of inspiration, and a sacred record of many individuals’ spiritual quest for additional revealed knowledge about Mother in Heaven.” —Susan Elizabeth Howe

“She used to be a rumor. She used to be the one not to be named. We listened so hard at the edges of the conversation to hear anything—any detail, any dropped syllable. But thanks to the work of the visionary writers and editors who crafted Dove Song the Mormon concept of a Heavenly Mother now has so much presence! So many words! May we never lose her again.” —Joanna Brooks

Dove Song poets visit Pioneer Book as a guest of the Rock Canyon Poets and Pioneer Book. The reading is open to the general public.

For more information, contact the Rock Canyon Poets,

Official event page:

Where: Pioneer Book – 450 West Center Street, Provo

When: Monday, July 23, 2018

Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm


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